Airport Lanes was purchased by my parents, Frank & Irene Myers in June, 1969. I came to work for them as a bartender. Over the next 10 years I was Bar Manager, then Night Manager, then General Manager. I bought Airport Lanes from my Parents in 1979. In 1981 we added the Little Caesars Pizza Parlor. At this time Little Caesars was a relatively new company and I was the 48th franchisee that the company had and one of the only 2 Pizza Parlors in their system. It was at this time that Tammy and I remodeled the Bowling Center and we got a new franchise and re-opened Little Caesars Pizza Parlor.

Starting in the summer of 2015 a major 5-year renovation plan will begin to improve all areas of the bowling center, arcade and Little Caesars. We hope this brief history will show that Airport Lanes always has been a local family owned business and will remain that way. Our Company Mission Statement is: We appreciate all of our valued customers and will do our best to give them the best service we can provided for the best value we can.